Chronological Data for LUSCOMBE

All places in England unless otherwise stated

Abbreviations used: otp = 'of this parish'  ipo = 'in the presence of'.

Data less than 100 years old is excluded, unless the person has died.

Last Updated: March 15th 2010

Date: November 10th 1595 Parish: Stoke Fleming County: Devon
Jane Blanke and Richard Luscombe were married
Source: IGI  

Date: September 22nd 1685 Parish: Rattery County: Devon
Joan Penny and Robt Luscombe were married
Source: IGI  

Date: December 29th 1743 Parish: Ilfracombe County: Devon
Mary Frost and George Luscombe were married
Source: IGI  

Date: May 16th 1834 Parish: St. Lowell, Exeter County: Devon
John Luscombe of the parish of West Ogwill? in the county of Devon, yeoman and bachelor and Eliza Pitts of this parish, spinster, were married by licence in the presence of Jane Luscombe and Frederick Pitts
Source: Certificate Reference: Page 358

Date: May 29th 1889 Parish: St. Andrew's, Plymouth County: Devon
Tom Homer Medland, aged 32, bachelor, French polisher of 15 Queen Street (Father: George Medland, also a french polisher) married Ann Rendle Luscombe, aged 28, spinster of 6 King Gardens (Father: John Luscombe, a corn merchant) ipo Fanny Crowhurst and George Crowhurst.
Source: Parish Register Reference: Parish Register 164

Date: November 28th 1893 Parish: Not Recorded County: Not Recorded
Letter of sympathy from Jeannie to Annie, suggesting that Tom Homer Medland died in 1893
Source: letter  

Date: October 24th 1900 Parish: Plympton St. Maurice County: Devon
Ann Rendle Medland (nee Luscombe) and Wallace John Endicott,both aged 40 were married. ARM's father, John luscombe was deceased. ARM was a widow living in Plympton St. Maurice. IPO Ernest Edward Endicott and Jessie Louisa Medland.
Source: Parish Register Reference: Parish Register

Date: April 17th 1947 Parish: Plymouth County: Devon
Ann Rendle Endicott (formerly Medland, nee Luscombe) died, aged 86 years.
Source: Certificate Reference: Entry 294

Date: July 30th 1947 Parish: Not Recorded County: Devon
Accounts of the will of Ann Rendle Endicott (formerly Medland, born Luscombe), who died 07-04-1947. This makes interesting reading, too detailed to enumerate here. In summary, she owned several houses which were rented. It seems she lived at 7 Holland Road at the time of her death.
Source: Will accounts