Genealogy Data Last Updated: 13th October 2015

My genealogy data is contained in several types of files:
  1. Main relatives database
  2. Census data
  3. Chronological data. A list of all (or most) of the data I have in chronological order, whether relevant to my family or not, by surname.
  4. Miscellaneous data. Information which does not form part of a linked lineage, but which may be interesting.
  5. Can You Help?. Requests from people looking for particular information.
Data is not shown for any living person under the age of 100 years.

Ancestor Lists can be generated dynamically for any person in the relatives database, providing Internet Explorer 4, Netscape 4 or later is being used. They do not work with earlier versions. Also, because of Java security restrictions, they can only be viewed and not downloaded. The initial list may be slow, as the data has to be loaded. Subsequent lists are relatively quick

Census data can be viewed from the Main Relatives database, Years for which census data is available are shown after the person's name, in the main screen, and are highlighted. Click on the particular year to see the data.

Prior to the mid 19th century, it was unusual for people to be able to read or write. Parish Register entries are, therefore, transcriptions from verbal information. This, coupled with the different dialects, has created several spellings of the same surname. As far as possible, I have tried to maintain the spelling used in the entry, though grouping all entries under the modern family name

All download files are either in Rich Text Format (.rtf) files, compressed into Zip format, to allow quicker downloading and to save web space, or Acrobat (.pdf) files. To uncompress the Rich Text Format files, use either WinZip or PKZip. PDF Files require Acrobat Reader

The main relatives database is now generated automatically from my Brothers Keeper database. If you notice any errors, both in linkages and data, please e-mail me.